Day 5997 – Amy Tran


Day 5997 – Amy Tran

Today is the day for A’s plan. He is Amy Tran, a girl with a license and only an hour away from Rhiannon. He decides that Amy Tran doesn’t need to go to school today, A just gets ready and heads for Rhiannon’s school. A shows up and creates an excuse to talk to Rhiannon, and get her to hang out with Amy. Amy’s parents are “moving to the area and she just wanted to unofficially check out the school.” Rhiannon buys this lie, and takes Amy to her classes all day. A can tell that Rhiannon isn’t feeling so great about her situation with Justin, but Rhiannon is holding the whole thing in.

At this point, I don’t think that this would be a good relationship either. Sure, they both have missed their day at the ocean together, but A has hacked an email, stalked Rhiannon to school in someone else’s body, and lied about why A was even there. Rhiannon isn’t doing much better, staying in a bad relationship and holding all of her feelings inside. They are missing a key element to a legitimate relationship – communication.

They have lunch together with Justin, which is weird since A was in his body just a few days prior to that. Justin seems to not care about anything and practically refuses to acknowledge the day at the beach, even though he can recall it. This is when A decides he should probably stop being a total stalker and leave, but his love causes him to continue down this very creepy love path.

At the end of the day, Rhiannon gives Amy her email address. This is good for A since he can now communicate with Rhiannon at least electronically with her permission. Amy’s school never called, ending A’s day as Amy on a good note.


Day 5995 – Leslie Wong / Day 5996 – Skylar Smith

Day 5995 – Leslie Wong

A wakes up as Leslie Wong, a Chinese girl. The first though A has waking up is how he misses Rhiannon already. Then A must go to school, since Leslie’s parents are already mad that she is late. Leslie rides to school with her older brother Owen, who lights up a joint as soon as they are out of sight of the house. A does his best to make it through a day as Leslie, without Rhiannon. After lunch though, Leslie’s brother Owen gets into a fight about drugs and so A is consumed with Leslie’s life, trying to defend Owen, that he doesn’t have time to worry about Rhiannon. After A diffuses the situation between Owen and the rest of the family its already ten at night.

He logs into Justin’s email to see what has happened for Rhiannon today. She was very upset that Justin had returned to his normal self. Rhiannon must have missed A without even knowing it. This is very lucky for A since he is already obsessed with her. Hopefully for A’s sake, later on Rhiannon will understand the measures that A has taken is because of his “love” for her, rather than being creeped out that A has decided hacking was his best way to keep up with Rhiannon’s life.


Day 5996 – Skylar Smith

A is a soccer player today, Skylar Smith. He has come up with a plan to be able to at least see Rhiannon. He is four hours away though, so his plan must wait for another day. A doesn’t do much else with his day as Skylar, besides playing soccer and video games. I wonder what kind of plan A has come up with this time. Will it exceed his previous boundries of only hacking into Justin’s email?

Day 5994 – Justin


Day 5994 – Justin

Waking up in someone else’s body everyday is not ideal. Your always someone new, different genders and even different races. You have your own thoughts, but you can also access the memories of the body you have taken over for a day. This is the life of A, who I also assume is most likely a teenage boy.

A begins day 5994 as Justin. A isn’t really a fan of Justin, he seems to be kind of a jerk on most days. Fortunately for A though, this is when he meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. Although Justin is normally not the best boyfriend, A decides to give Rhiannon a day for her to enjoy. He takes her to the beach upon her request, and that is where they kiss for the first time. By the end of his day as Justin, A already thinks that he is in love with Rhiannon. I personally think that A is a fool for believing he feels this way since love at first sight, or even falling in love in one single day, is very unrealistic. At this point A has also already emailed himself Rhiannon’s contact information as well as Justin’s email and password. That would normally seem like it wasn’t entirely creepy, but in A’s situation of waking up in someone else’s body everyday, rarely seeing the same people twice, this leads me to believe it foreshadows how obsessed A may become in the near future.