Day 5994 – Justin


Day 5994 – Justin

Waking up in someone else’s body everyday is not ideal. Your always someone new, different genders and even different races. You have your own thoughts, but you can also access the memories of the body you have taken over for a day. This is the life of A, who I also assume is most likely a teenage boy.

A begins day 5994 as Justin. A isn’t really a fan of Justin, he seems to be kind of a jerk on most days. Fortunately for A though, this is when he meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. Although Justin is normally not the best boyfriend, A decides to give Rhiannon a day for her to enjoy. He takes her to the beach upon her request, and that is where they kiss for the first time. By the end of his day as Justin, A already thinks that he is in love with Rhiannon. I personally think that A is a fool for believing he feels this way since love at first sight, or even falling in love in one single day, is very unrealistic. At this point A has also already emailed himself Rhiannon’s contact information as well as Justin’s email and password. That would normally seem like it wasn’t entirely creepy, but in A’s situation of waking up in someone else’s body everyday, rarely seeing the same people twice, this leads me to believe it foreshadows how obsessed A may become in the near future.


One thought on “Day 5994 – Justin

  1. clairicemarie says:

    Wonderful start! Not only have you shown me that you are reading the book, but shown that you understand it. I love that you are stating your opinion. The point of this blog is to state an opinion and not summarize. Good job!


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