Day 6006 – Hugo / 6007 – Ashley Ashton


Day 6006 – Hugo

A wakes up to a phone call from Austin, Hugo’s boyfriend. A is going to Gay Pride with his boyfriend, so he can only see Rihannon if she goes. Rihannon had called Kelsea’s house and there was no answer, hopefully that is good news. Nathan on the other hand has gotten more people to join him about the devil possession, fortunately none of them are people that A has interfered with. A does send Nathan an e-mail though saying he isn’t the devil. A dumb move for A to pull.

 At Gay Pride A keeps looking for Rhiannon at Gay Pride. Austin notices that Hugo isn’t paying much attention to him and it almost breaks up their relationship. A thankfully saves it and starts participating in Hugo’s life, only looking for Rihannon when Austin is distracted, but she never shows. She e-mailed that she had been busy. Nathan had replied Prove It.

Once again A has only taken interest in the body he inhabited when it got to an extreme. Rihannon seems to be influencing A to be a good person, but then he wasn’t a bad person until he met her. He is still battling with Nathan, but again, I think A deserves it all for not respecting the bodies he has taken over.

black barbie

Day 6007 – Ashley Ashton

Ashley Ashton is an extremely gorgeous black girl. A doesn’t look forward to having to get dolled up like Ashley always does. Lucky for A, Rhiannon asks to hangout today. Rihannon struggles with A always looking different. Its not something easy to adapt to. They have a picnic together, but afterwards, the real truth comes out. A wants to be with Rihannon and doesn’t see why it isn’t possible. Rihannon likes A but she thinks about Justin, and that A could wake up on the other side of the country some day. A seems perfect to Rihannon but she can’t handle seeing a new person everyday. It is like she is meeting some one new everyday.

Who could live like that? How many lives would A ruin by doing that? He couldn’t just fall asleep next to her every night. That would ruin a lot of lives, waking up next to Rhiannon in the morning. A would ruin a lot of relationships. A is oblivious to reality and only sees his own. He has lived many lives, but only has his own perspective. He lives as the same person everyday even though he isn’t the same person everyday. A is selfish, at least Rihannon can see what reality truly is and has a perspective that lets her see how it really is, not the way A does. I have no sympathy for A. I agree that Rihannon should not pursue a relationship with A.

A feels the need to prove to Rihannon that Justin isn’t a great boyfriend. Since Ashley is drop dead gorgeous, A plans to prove that Justin will pay more attention to Ashley, so Rihannon asks Justin to go to dinner with them later. A and Rhiannon talk about their pasts, oddly similar since Rihannon has lived the same live day by day and A has not. They continue this until its time for dinner. A makes some moves on Justin, but in the end he is loyal to Rhiannon. Rihannon is right yet again that A just doesn’t understand her and Justin’s relationship.


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