Day 6008 – AJ / Day 6009 – Adam Cassidy / Day 6010 – Day 6013

Diabetic patient doing glucose level blood test

Day 6008 – AJ

A wakes up as a diabetic, AJ.  He sends Rihannon an apology and heads to school. A’s day got pretty weird though because walking down the hall at school he sees Nathan. At lunch he talks to Nathan about the day Nathan was ‘possessed’. A thinks about how Nathan is staring at the same person who took over his body and doesn’t even know. All A knows is that he needs to talk to Rihannon.

A now has a first-hand account of what happened with Nathan. He could have talked to Rihannon about it if A hadn’t made her and Justin go to dinner to prove his invalid point. A needs to fix what he has done, and stop causing everyone else problems. He is doing more harm then good, might as well be the devil.


Day 6009 – Adam Cassidy

A is Adam Cassidy and he has a car. A needs Rihannon so he calls Adam’s school saying he has a doctor’s appointment and pulls an Amy Tran. He drives to Rihannon’s school and walks in to find her. She skips one class to talk to him. She didn’t know she wanted to see him until she did. But due to A being unpredictable as to a future, Rihannon doesn’t want to be with him even though they have a connection. She wants to stick to e-mail though.

A should stop sneaking into school to see Rihannon. The only good thing is that at least this time she knew him, and he got to find out what she felt since hasn’t been e-mailing. But he doesn’t mention the day before, seeing Nathan, which seems dumb because it was part of what he wanted to tell her. I don’t understand A.


Day 6010 – Day 6013

Rihannon didn’t respond on day 6010 or 6011. Today, day 6012, she did. She had been busy and needed a break from A. A tells her about his last two days. Things between him and Rhiannon seem to be dwindling….

A has a good day on day 6013 but does his best to not think about Rhiannon. He feels disconnected from the world.


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