Day 6014 – Orlando / Day 6015 – Rihannon


Day 6014 – Orlando

A decides to spend Orlando’s day checking out Reverend Poole’s website about possession. Most of them sound made up, but one story stuck out. Someone in Montana had a story that sounded like it was what A does. A hasn’t been to Montana though. Maybe A isn’t the only one living as someone else everyday.


Day 6015 – Rihannon

This threw me off so much. A IS RIHANNON TODAY! A does not want to be in her body, she would feel so violated. How does he do this without screwing it all up when he normally screws up everyone’s life. He is the girl he is in love with. A talks to her friends like normal, trying to not access much for memories since he doesn’t want to intrude. He would rather hear it from her. He avoids Justin but still has to see him and be Rihannon with him. After school he goes to a mountain to let her be truly alone besides him being in her body. He leaves her a note telling her about the day and saying he never would have choose this.

Finally A has respect for someone else’s body. I think it is only because it was Rihannon’s body though. If only A could be like that for everyone.


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