Day 6016 – Dylan Cooper / Day 6017 Vanessa Martinez / Day 6018 – George


Day 6016 – Dylan Cooper

Dylan Cooper is an Apple Geek. But, who cares, A was Rihannon yesterday. I wonder how she reacts to that! She needs to talk to A in person about it but she thinks she remembers the whole day. They meet at a bookstore. Rihannon is actually not mad, A did a good job I suppose. She said she could feel his presence but not that he was actually controlling her. Mostly she is happy that he only ends up in a body once, so it never has to happen again. She wants to see A again tomorrow.

I am a bit surprised that Rihannon wasn’t mad, but I’m sure by now she understands the situation. It seems like A normally pissed Rihannon off at least once a day. But yesterday he managed to not do that.


Day 6017 – Vanessa Martinez

A hasn’t put much thought into Nathan the past two days, he has been preoccupied with the Rhiannon situation. I also was. He responds to Nathan trying to be helpful but pretty much leaves it as their paths crossed and now it diverged and that is the end of it. Rhiannon is 4 hours away so they won’t see each other today.

Vanessa is a mean girl. Her friends think something is off but A leaves as a day of not being mean rather than making a mean girl good. A is improving since he was in Rhiannon’s body. I wonder if it will last or if A is going to revert to how he was behaving.


Day 6018 – George

Rhiannon can meet A during lunch. A is in George’s body though, and George is home schooled. A just pesters George’s mom until he can go to the library. When Rihannon arrives he jokes that he doesn’t know who she is and she must be mistaken. A has made another bad choice because this makes Rihannon furious. She doesn’t hold onto the anger though. They have lunch and at the library they kiss, just as George’s mom walks in. She punishes George by making him clean. A is back to screwing with other people’s life.


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