Day 6019 – Surita / Day 6020 – Xavier Adams / Day 6021 – Dana


Day 6019 – Surita

Surita’s parents are out of town and if she lets her grandmother watch game show network, her grams doesn’t care what she does. A meets Rihannon and they hang out on a jungle gym. They have a good day and Rhiannon will be free all weekend.

A had a day of not ruining anyone’s life. He seems to be able to hangout with Rihannon a lot. I know Justin isn’t super attentive in their relationship, but it makes me wonder why he hasn’t ever questioned why she is always gone. Does he even care? As much as I am not rooting for A, Justin doesn’t seem like a good option either.


Day 6020 – Xavier Adams

It’s Saturday but Xavier has play practice, but that doesn’t matter to A, A says Xavier is sick and skips the play practice. Selfish A back at it. A is two hours from Rhiannon and meets her at her uncle’s log cabin. When he arrives Rhiannon kisses him, they get naked, and she wants to have sex with him. A wants to respect that Xavier is a virgin so at least he considered the body he was in for once. Rhiannon won’t let him think about Justin. Instead they sleep next to each other until A has to go. He promises he will be back tomorrow.

Rhiannon is being a cheating little slut bag. I don’t know how Rhiannon is saying to respect the bodies that A is in when she doesn’t even respect her own boyfriend. I don’t know who is worse, A, Justin, or Rhiannon. At least A and Justin try to not be so hypocritical. A is wavering on the fence of good and bad, but he shouldn’t make promises when he has no idea what tomorrow will bring.


Day 6021 – Dana

A wakes up (barely) because he is Dana, and Dana is hung over. A finds out that Dana had gotten really drunk the night before, drove drunk, and backed into a telephone pole. That means that Dana is grounded, with no phone or internet. A can’t tell Rhiannon that he won’t be able to show up, but he shouldn’t have promised when he didn’t know how the day was going to go. I bet Rhiannon is going to get pissed, but if so she needs a reality check as well. A didn’t know today would go this way.


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