Day 6022 – Michael / Day 6023 – Vic / Day 6024 – Marc


Day 6022 – Michael

Michael is into heavy metal and should be going to Hawaii today but A doesn’t care, sneak’s out, and goes to Rhiannon. She is in gym but finds an excuse to talk to A. A explains the Dana thing, Rhiannon is mad at first but accepts A couldn’t do it differently. They embrace and Justin walks in. He beats up Michael and calls Rihannon a slut, and she was kind of being that way even though Justin didn’t have real proof. A runs so that Rihannon doesn’t get mad and to save Michael from a worse day. Rhiannon meets A later and tells him that Justin broke up with her. A is excited but Rihannon is just upset about it. A goes back to Michael’s home and his father is waiting there, and it pretty livid. He said he felt like beating Michael up but someone beat him to it. I just thought it was funny.

A got what he wanted though. Rihannon got what she deserved for cheating anyways. I just don’t understand how Justin was oblivious to it all along. Even if A has been in a different body, she hasn’t been around him and I’m assuming has been talking to him less. A still screwed up Michael’s life by not going to Hawaii when he should have though.


Vic is a girl but is a boy on the inside. A skips school for Vic, again disregarding the body for his own intentions, to go see R. They have lunch, Rihannon thinks that its unfair of A to take advantage of the bodies he is only a guest in. A does at least keep Vic’s date with Dawn, the girlfriend. They have a great date, but Rhiannon emails no more school visits from A.

Rihannon is right about taking advantage of the bodies A is in. I think A is bad in the morning, and treats the bodies better in the afternoon. If only A could do that all day rather than only part of it.


Day 6024 – Marc

Marc must go to his grandfather’s funeral today, so A can’t see Rihannon. A tries to remember the day for Marc so he doesn’t miss out, since it is an important event in his life. A is being a good guy all day even though it hurts going to a funeral.


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