Day 6025 – Finn Taylor / Day 6026 – Lisa Marshall / Day 6027 – Kasey / Day 6028 – Ainsley Mills

fat boy

Day 6025 – Finn Taylor

A wakes up at nearly 300 lbs as Finn Taylor. A is self conscious about being over weight in fear that Rhiannon will just be repulsed. A at least has Finn go to school. He meets Rhiannon afterwards. They have dinner and a movie. Rihannon doesn’t kiss A, probably due to repulsion.

Rihannon is acting a bit shallow. Its hard to love someone you have no attraction to I suppose. She doesn’t even kiss A in this body, even though she is now free of Justin.


Day 6026 – Lisa Marshall

Rihannon wants to talk to A so they meet at a park after school. Rihannon loves A but doesn’t love the lifestyle they would have. Rihannon can’t love every body that A is in, and she can’t live a life in an alienated relationship.

Sucks for A. It seems that without Justin, Rihannon can’t handle A either which seems dumb since now they have a chance where a boyfriend is not involved. I don’t know why Rihannon picked now to break it off.


Day 6027 – Kasey

Kasey has a broken ankle, so A has to deal with that. Rihannon hasn’t emailed at all. A decides to read the emails from Nathan and decides to just meet him. They meet at a Mexican restaurant. A told Nathan before that his name was Andrew but being Kasey makes it easier to come out with the truth. A tells Nathan everything, but asks that Nathan will keep his secret. Nathan agrees.

I wouldn’t trust someone that believes they were ‘possessed by the devil’ and sharing it with everyone to keep pertaining information a secret. A tends to not think about his actions first anyway, so I can’t expect him to start now.

Residential Home

Day 6028 – Ainsley Mills

Today A takes over Ainsley Mills. A doesn’t hear from Rihannon today either. Nathan does though and wants A to come to his house. A arrives at Nathan’s but doesn’t plan on staying long. Nathan leaves the room and Reverend Poole shows up. Nathan couldn’t keep his mouth shut. A doesn’t want to talk to the reverend but he stays for a few minutes. Reverend Poole tells A that he isn’t the only one that lives like he does and that there is a way to stay in a body longer than a day. After that A is trying to grasp this and decides to leave.

If I were A I wouldn’t know if I would trust any of that. Reverend Poole and Nathan have seemed to always be on the other side, so why would they switch now?


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