Day 6029 – Darryl Drake / Day 6030 – Zara / Day 6031 – July / Day 6032 – Howie Middleton


Day 6029 – Darryl Drake

A goes to school for Darryl Drake but all of his friends feel that something isn’t right, but A just says its an off day. A decides to research Reverend Poole a bit more, but doesn’t find out much more than he already knew. Nathan at least does apologize for betraying A. Rihannon finally emails A asking how he is.

This just overall seemed like A was having a gloomy day. Maybe he just can’t get that he might not be the only one off his mind.

couple les

Day 6030 – Zara

Today A is Zara who is in an amazing relationship with Amelia. A gets to experience the happiness of a real couple in love, but all it does is make him miss Rihannon even more.

Things aren’t looking up for A.


Day 6031 – July

July is sick today so A stays home trying to feel better.

mad couple

Day 6032 – Howie Middleton

Rihannon emails A asking to see him, but she also doesn’t want to fall back into what she had ended a few days earlier. Ironically Howie Middleton and his girlfriend get into an argument about how he doesn’t spend enough time with her.I think it is ironic because the whole book kind of is about how everyone has spent there time, most of it is Rihannon not spending time with Justin and A not spending time where his body should be at.


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