Day 6033 – Alexander Lin / Day 6034 – Katie

post it

Day 6033 – Alexander Lin

Alexander Lin has Post It notes everywhere. Quotes and reminders, and A already likes the body he is in. A decides to contact Reverend Poole about how to stay in a body for longer than a day. After A acquires the information he needs he asks Rihannon to meet him. They meet up at the book store again and A asks Rihannon to pretend it is the first time they have ever met. A takes her for groceries and takes her back to Alexander’s place. He sets up a nice dinner in the tree house out back, where Alexander would have wanted it. A tells Rihannon about everything with Nathan and Reverend Poole.

At this point i started to get confused about how A is supposed to stay in a body for longer than one day. I think Reverend Poole meant spiritually rather than actually being in the body for more than a day. A had set everything up because Alexander is a good guy and he wants to set Rihannon up with him. He wants her to finally have the relationship that she deserves. He wants her to be able to be in love without complication. This is A’s last goodbye.

I’m glad that A decided to truly end what was going on between him and Rihannon. A is back on the right track for respecting the bodies he is in as well as Rihannon.


Day 6034 – Katie

A wakes up as Katie. The only way that A will never see Rihannon again is to get away from where he is close to her. A does what he probably should have done a long time ago and runs away. Although A is disrespecting her body, it is the only way to end disrespecting everyone else’s body.


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