Everyday – Conclusion


Overall I found this book to be extremely interesting. It makes me wonder what A does after leaving Rihannon forever.

A seemed to be good at the beginning of the book, but the more I read the more I came to dislike him. I disliked a lot of the characters in the book because it seemed like they weren’t being rational about their decision with a lot of disrespect to the people in their lives. I did like the story line though, and that’s what made it interesting to read.

Other people that have read this book before told me that it is really hard to follow since A is someone else everyday. I didn’t think it was hard to follow as long as most of the attention was kept on the main characters. The only confusing part was how A was going to be able to stay in a body for longer than a day.

The main question I have after reading this book was if A was really the only person living a life like his or not. There are hints in the book that someone in Montana lived like A, but there isn’t confirmation on if that was true or not. Reverend Poole may have fooled A into thinking that he could “stay in a body” for longer than a day.

the world may never know


Day 6033 – Alexander Lin / Day 6034 – Katie

post it

Day 6033 – Alexander Lin

Alexander Lin has Post It notes everywhere. Quotes and reminders, and A already likes the body he is in. A decides to contact Reverend Poole about how to stay in a body for longer than a day. After A acquires the information he needs he asks Rihannon to meet him. They meet up at the book store again and A asks Rihannon to pretend it is the first time they have ever met. A takes her for groceries and takes her back to Alexander’s place. He sets up a nice dinner in the tree house out back, where Alexander would have wanted it. A tells Rihannon about everything with Nathan and Reverend Poole.

At this point i started to get confused about how A is supposed to stay in a body for longer than one day. I think Reverend Poole meant spiritually rather than actually being in the body for more than a day. A had set everything up because Alexander is a good guy and he wants to set Rihannon up with him. He wants her to finally have the relationship that she deserves. He wants her to be able to be in love without complication. This is A’s last goodbye.

I’m glad that A decided to truly end what was going on between him and Rihannon. A is back on the right track for respecting the bodies he is in as well as Rihannon.


Day 6034 – Katie

A wakes up as Katie. The only way that A will never see Rihannon again is to get away from where he is close to her. A does what he probably should have done a long time ago and runs away. Although A is disrespecting her body, it is the only way to end disrespecting everyone else’s body.

Day 6029 – Darryl Drake / Day 6030 – Zara / Day 6031 – July / Day 6032 – Howie Middleton


Day 6029 – Darryl Drake

A goes to school for Darryl Drake but all of his friends feel that something isn’t right, but A just says its an off day. A decides to research Reverend Poole a bit more, but doesn’t find out much more than he already knew. Nathan at least does apologize for betraying A. Rihannon finally emails A asking how he is.

This just overall seemed like A was having a gloomy day. Maybe he just can’t get that he might not be the only one off his mind.

couple les

Day 6030 – Zara

Today A is Zara who is in an amazing relationship with Amelia. A gets to experience the happiness of a real couple in love, but all it does is make him miss Rihannon even more.

Things aren’t looking up for A.


Day 6031 – July

July is sick today so A stays home trying to feel better.

mad couple

Day 6032 – Howie Middleton

Rihannon emails A asking to see him, but she also doesn’t want to fall back into what she had ended a few days earlier. Ironically Howie Middleton and his girlfriend get into an argument about how he doesn’t spend enough time with her.I think it is ironic because the whole book kind of is about how everyone has spent there time, most of it is Rihannon not spending time with Justin and A not spending time where his body should be at.

Day 6025 – Finn Taylor / Day 6026 – Lisa Marshall / Day 6027 – Kasey / Day 6028 – Ainsley Mills

fat boy

Day 6025 – Finn Taylor

A wakes up at nearly 300 lbs as Finn Taylor. A is self conscious about being over weight in fear that Rhiannon will just be repulsed. A at least has Finn go to school. He meets Rhiannon afterwards. They have dinner and a movie. Rihannon doesn’t kiss A, probably due to repulsion.

Rihannon is acting a bit shallow. Its hard to love someone you have no attraction to I suppose. She doesn’t even kiss A in this body, even though she is now free of Justin.


Day 6026 – Lisa Marshall

Rihannon wants to talk to A so they meet at a park after school. Rihannon loves A but doesn’t love the lifestyle they would have. Rihannon can’t love every body that A is in, and she can’t live a life in an alienated relationship.

Sucks for A. It seems that without Justin, Rihannon can’t handle A either which seems dumb since now they have a chance where a boyfriend is not involved. I don’t know why Rihannon picked now to break it off.


Day 6027 – Kasey

Kasey has a broken ankle, so A has to deal with that. Rihannon hasn’t emailed at all. A decides to read the emails from Nathan and decides to just meet him. They meet at a Mexican restaurant. A told Nathan before that his name was Andrew but being Kasey makes it easier to come out with the truth. A tells Nathan everything, but asks that Nathan will keep his secret. Nathan agrees.

I wouldn’t trust someone that believes they were ‘possessed by the devil’ and sharing it with everyone to keep pertaining information a secret. A tends to not think about his actions first anyway, so I can’t expect him to start now.

Residential Home

Day 6028 – Ainsley Mills

Today A takes over Ainsley Mills. A doesn’t hear from Rihannon today either. Nathan does though and wants A to come to his house. A arrives at Nathan’s but doesn’t plan on staying long. Nathan leaves the room and Reverend Poole shows up. Nathan couldn’t keep his mouth shut. A doesn’t want to talk to the reverend but he stays for a few minutes. Reverend Poole tells A that he isn’t the only one that lives like he does and that there is a way to stay in a body longer than a day. After that A is trying to grasp this and decides to leave.

If I were A I wouldn’t know if I would trust any of that. Reverend Poole and Nathan have seemed to always be on the other side, so why would they switch now?

Day 6022 – Michael / Day 6023 – Vic / Day 6024 – Marc


Day 6022 – Michael

Michael is into heavy metal and should be going to Hawaii today but A doesn’t care, sneak’s out, and goes to Rhiannon. She is in gym but finds an excuse to talk to A. A explains the Dana thing, Rhiannon is mad at first but accepts A couldn’t do it differently. They embrace and Justin walks in. He beats up Michael and calls Rihannon a slut, and she was kind of being that way even though Justin didn’t have real proof. A runs so that Rihannon doesn’t get mad and to save Michael from a worse day. Rhiannon meets A later and tells him that Justin broke up with her. A is excited but Rihannon is just upset about it. A goes back to Michael’s home and his father is waiting there, and it pretty livid. He said he felt like beating Michael up but someone beat him to it. I just thought it was funny.

A got what he wanted though. Rihannon got what she deserved for cheating anyways. I just don’t understand how Justin was oblivious to it all along. Even if A has been in a different body, she hasn’t been around him and I’m assuming has been talking to him less. A still screwed up Michael’s life by not going to Hawaii when he should have though.


Vic is a girl but is a boy on the inside. A skips school for Vic, again disregarding the body for his own intentions, to go see R. They have lunch, Rihannon thinks that its unfair of A to take advantage of the bodies he is only a guest in. A does at least keep Vic’s date with Dawn, the girlfriend. They have a great date, but Rhiannon emails no more school visits from A.

Rihannon is right about taking advantage of the bodies A is in. I think A is bad in the morning, and treats the bodies better in the afternoon. If only A could do that all day rather than only part of it.


Day 6024 – Marc

Marc must go to his grandfather’s funeral today, so A can’t see Rihannon. A tries to remember the day for Marc so he doesn’t miss out, since it is an important event in his life. A is being a good guy all day even though it hurts going to a funeral.

Day 6019 – Surita / Day 6020 – Xavier Adams / Day 6021 – Dana


Day 6019 – Surita

Surita’s parents are out of town and if she lets her grandmother watch game show network, her grams doesn’t care what she does. A meets Rihannon and they hang out on a jungle gym. They have a good day and Rhiannon will be free all weekend.

A had a day of not ruining anyone’s life. He seems to be able to hangout with Rihannon a lot. I know Justin isn’t super attentive in their relationship, but it makes me wonder why he hasn’t ever questioned why she is always gone. Does he even care? As much as I am not rooting for A, Justin doesn’t seem like a good option either.


Day 6020 – Xavier Adams

It’s Saturday but Xavier has play practice, but that doesn’t matter to A, A says Xavier is sick and skips the play practice. Selfish A back at it. A is two hours from Rhiannon and meets her at her uncle’s log cabin. When he arrives Rhiannon kisses him, they get naked, and she wants to have sex with him. A wants to respect that Xavier is a virgin so at least he considered the body he was in for once. Rhiannon won’t let him think about Justin. Instead they sleep next to each other until A has to go. He promises he will be back tomorrow.

Rhiannon is being a cheating little slut bag. I don’t know how Rhiannon is saying to respect the bodies that A is in when she doesn’t even respect her own boyfriend. I don’t know who is worse, A, Justin, or Rhiannon. At least A and Justin try to not be so hypocritical. A is wavering on the fence of good and bad, but he shouldn’t make promises when he has no idea what tomorrow will bring.


Day 6021 – Dana

A wakes up (barely) because he is Dana, and Dana is hung over. A finds out that Dana had gotten really drunk the night before, drove drunk, and backed into a telephone pole. That means that Dana is grounded, with no phone or internet. A can’t tell Rhiannon that he won’t be able to show up, but he shouldn’t have promised when he didn’t know how the day was going to go. I bet Rhiannon is going to get pissed, but if so she needs a reality check as well. A didn’t know today would go this way.

Day 6016 – Dylan Cooper / Day 6017 Vanessa Martinez / Day 6018 – George


Day 6016 – Dylan Cooper

Dylan Cooper is an Apple Geek. But, who cares, A was Rihannon yesterday. I wonder how she reacts to that! She needs to talk to A in person about it but she thinks she remembers the whole day. They meet at a bookstore. Rihannon is actually not mad, A did a good job I suppose. She said she could feel his presence but not that he was actually controlling her. Mostly she is happy that he only ends up in a body once, so it never has to happen again. She wants to see A again tomorrow.

I am a bit surprised that Rihannon wasn’t mad, but I’m sure by now she understands the situation. It seems like A normally pissed Rihannon off at least once a day. But yesterday he managed to not do that.


Day 6017 – Vanessa Martinez

A hasn’t put much thought into Nathan the past two days, he has been preoccupied with the Rhiannon situation. I also was. He responds to Nathan trying to be helpful but pretty much leaves it as their paths crossed and now it diverged and that is the end of it. Rhiannon is 4 hours away so they won’t see each other today.

Vanessa is a mean girl. Her friends think something is off but A leaves as a day of not being mean rather than making a mean girl good. A is improving since he was in Rhiannon’s body. I wonder if it will last or if A is going to revert to how he was behaving.


Day 6018 – George

Rhiannon can meet A during lunch. A is in George’s body though, and George is home schooled. A just pesters George’s mom until he can go to the library. When Rihannon arrives he jokes that he doesn’t know who she is and she must be mistaken. A has made another bad choice because this makes Rihannon furious. She doesn’t hold onto the anger though. They have lunch and at the library they kiss, just as George’s mom walks in. She punishes George by making him clean. A is back to screwing with other people’s life.

Day 6014 – Orlando / Day 6015 – Rihannon


Day 6014 – Orlando

A decides to spend Orlando’s day checking out Reverend Poole’s website about possession. Most of them sound made up, but one story stuck out. Someone in Montana had a story that sounded like it was what A does. A hasn’t been to Montana though. Maybe A isn’t the only one living as someone else everyday.


Day 6015 – Rihannon

This threw me off so much. A IS RIHANNON TODAY! A does not want to be in her body, she would feel so violated. How does he do this without screwing it all up when he normally screws up everyone’s life. He is the girl he is in love with. A talks to her friends like normal, trying to not access much for memories since he doesn’t want to intrude. He would rather hear it from her. He avoids Justin but still has to see him and be Rihannon with him. After school he goes to a mountain to let her be truly alone besides him being in her body. He leaves her a note telling her about the day and saying he never would have choose this.

Finally A has respect for someone else’s body. I think it is only because it was Rihannon’s body though. If only A could be like that for everyone.

Day 6008 – AJ / Day 6009 – Adam Cassidy / Day 6010 – Day 6013

Diabetic patient doing glucose level blood test

Day 6008 – AJ

A wakes up as a diabetic, AJ.  He sends Rihannon an apology and heads to school. A’s day got pretty weird though because walking down the hall at school he sees Nathan. At lunch he talks to Nathan about the day Nathan was ‘possessed’. A thinks about how Nathan is staring at the same person who took over his body and doesn’t even know. All A knows is that he needs to talk to Rihannon.

A now has a first-hand account of what happened with Nathan. He could have talked to Rihannon about it if A hadn’t made her and Justin go to dinner to prove his invalid point. A needs to fix what he has done, and stop causing everyone else problems. He is doing more harm then good, might as well be the devil.


Day 6009 – Adam Cassidy

A is Adam Cassidy and he has a car. A needs Rihannon so he calls Adam’s school saying he has a doctor’s appointment and pulls an Amy Tran. He drives to Rihannon’s school and walks in to find her. She skips one class to talk to him. She didn’t know she wanted to see him until she did. But due to A being unpredictable as to a future, Rihannon doesn’t want to be with him even though they have a connection. She wants to stick to e-mail though.

A should stop sneaking into school to see Rihannon. The only good thing is that at least this time she knew him, and he got to find out what she felt since hasn’t been e-mailing. But he doesn’t mention the day before, seeing Nathan, which seems dumb because it was part of what he wanted to tell her. I don’t understand A.


Day 6010 – Day 6013

Rihannon didn’t respond on day 6010 or 6011. Today, day 6012, she did. She had been busy and needed a break from A. A tells her about his last two days. Things between him and Rhiannon seem to be dwindling….

A has a good day on day 6013 but does his best to not think about Rhiannon. He feels disconnected from the world.

Day 6006 – Hugo / 6007 – Ashley Ashton


Day 6006 – Hugo

A wakes up to a phone call from Austin, Hugo’s boyfriend. A is going to Gay Pride with his boyfriend, so he can only see Rihannon if she goes. Rihannon had called Kelsea’s house and there was no answer, hopefully that is good news. Nathan on the other hand has gotten more people to join him about the devil possession, fortunately none of them are people that A has interfered with. A does send Nathan an e-mail though saying he isn’t the devil. A dumb move for A to pull.

 At Gay Pride A keeps looking for Rhiannon at Gay Pride. Austin notices that Hugo isn’t paying much attention to him and it almost breaks up their relationship. A thankfully saves it and starts participating in Hugo’s life, only looking for Rihannon when Austin is distracted, but she never shows. She e-mailed that she had been busy. Nathan had replied Prove It.

Once again A has only taken interest in the body he inhabited when it got to an extreme. Rihannon seems to be influencing A to be a good person, but then he wasn’t a bad person until he met her. He is still battling with Nathan, but again, I think A deserves it all for not respecting the bodies he has taken over.

black barbie

Day 6007 – Ashley Ashton

Ashley Ashton is an extremely gorgeous black girl. A doesn’t look forward to having to get dolled up like Ashley always does. Lucky for A, Rhiannon asks to hangout today. Rihannon struggles with A always looking different. Its not something easy to adapt to. They have a picnic together, but afterwards, the real truth comes out. A wants to be with Rihannon and doesn’t see why it isn’t possible. Rihannon likes A but she thinks about Justin, and that A could wake up on the other side of the country some day. A seems perfect to Rihannon but she can’t handle seeing a new person everyday. It is like she is meeting some one new everyday.

Who could live like that? How many lives would A ruin by doing that? He couldn’t just fall asleep next to her every night. That would ruin a lot of lives, waking up next to Rhiannon in the morning. A would ruin a lot of relationships. A is oblivious to reality and only sees his own. He has lived many lives, but only has his own perspective. He lives as the same person everyday even though he isn’t the same person everyday. A is selfish, at least Rihannon can see what reality truly is and has a perspective that lets her see how it really is, not the way A does. I have no sympathy for A. I agree that Rihannon should not pursue a relationship with A.

A feels the need to prove to Rihannon that Justin isn’t a great boyfriend. Since Ashley is drop dead gorgeous, A plans to prove that Justin will pay more attention to Ashley, so Rihannon asks Justin to go to dinner with them later. A and Rhiannon talk about their pasts, oddly similar since Rihannon has lived the same live day by day and A has not. They continue this until its time for dinner. A makes some moves on Justin, but in the end he is loyal to Rhiannon. Rihannon is right yet again that A just doesn’t understand her and Justin’s relationship.